Chris Chance

Posted: January 27, 2011 in TBA

Be Sure to check out for my latest music!

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog!  For those of you who don’t know me, I live in Marietta, GA and am currently a music teacher in the public school system.  I am also the Worship/Music Pastor at a local church.  My wife, Racheal, and I have two boys, which keep us busy and on our toes.  I pray that you enjoy and are blessed by the songs on this CD.  While some of them were written to bring my listeners into a place where they could simply enjoy fellowship with God; others were written from a very intimate place in my heart.  Obviously, the “Barbie” song does neither, but I hope that you will just take it for the light, silly song that it is (we all just need to laugh sometimes).  Please feel free to comment and post as you like.  May God bless each of you and may He guide your steps, as you are “following Him”!

In Christ,


Romans 8:37-39

  1. HaruAqua says:

    Great site and inspiring lyrics, hope u continue to do what you do best, praising the Lord with ur songs, God bless you n ur beloved familly =)


  2. Katie says:

    I really enjoy this Mr. Chance… Including the ‘Barbie’ song… It’s going on my Ipod…

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