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“You” Video

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Make sure that you go check out the video for “You” at  Enjoy and feel free to like and comment!

“Following You” CD Release

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“Following You” has been released!  It is also available on itunes, mp3 and if you search for Chris Chance!!! Please spread the word to everyone you know.  Also, please leave a comment on my itunes site:)

Chris Chance

Posted: January 27, 2011 in TBA

Be Sure to check out for my latest music!

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog!  For those of you who don’t know me, I live in Marietta, GA and am currently a music teacher in the public school system.  I am also the Worship/Music Pastor at a local church.  My wife, Racheal, and I have two boys, which keep us busy and on our toes.  I pray that you enjoy and are blessed by the songs on this CD.  While some of them were written to bring my listeners into a place where they could simply enjoy fellowship with God; others were written from a very intimate place in my heart.  Obviously, the “Barbie” song does neither, but I hope that you will just take it for the light, silly song that it is (we all just need to laugh sometimes).  Please feel free to comment and post as you like.  May God bless each of you and may He guide your steps, as you are “following Him”!

In Christ,


Romans 8:37-39


Posted: January 27, 2011 in TBA


How many times have I claimed to be following Him, but really not trusting Him fully?  Lord, help me trade in my dreams and passions for yours!

You, you take my breath away and give me words to say

Now I’m talking ‘bout You

You reached down in my life, turned my wrong to right

Now I’m following You

My heart was dark, my existence was cold

Spinnin’ round and round and round…Looking for You

I traveled every road, bearing every load

Cause I didn’t trust You

I lived in guilt and shame, even though I knew Your name

But I didn’t know You

This path brought me down to my knees         

And grace flowed down like a morning breeze from You


Then You came and took my Hand, led me to a place to stand

Following the great “I Am”, now I’m following You

Cause You paid the price, with Your blood You saved my life

Now my heart is filled with light, that light is You

Lord, Shepherd, Savior Friend, Your mercy has no end

My hope is found in You

My hiding place, my love, my song

When I am weak, then I am strong in You


 I will sing to You, I exalt Your name

Jesus, You’re my King, All to You I bring (2x)

(Chorus 2x)



I have always loved the “Footprints” poem and wanted to put those thoughts to music.

The other night I dreamed I was walking 

Down a long and sandy beach 

Jesus, my Lord was next to me 

So I stayed within His reach 

He said, “Son, do you know I love you?” 

“I want to be your Lord, your Savior, your Friend” 

The next words that He spoke to me

I will never forget


Well, I’ll walk with you and talk with you 

 I’ll take you through anything this world can bring 

Come with me and take my hand 

And we can walk together and you’ll see

That My prints are in the sand

As I looked back on the beach I saw

Some footprints in the sand

Sometimes one set, sometimes two

And I did not understand

I said, “Lord, I thought You loved me” 

“So, why in the hardest times,

Is there only one set of footprints?”

He said, “Son, they’re not yours, they’re mine”


Yeah, He carried me 

Through the darkest times 

Now, He’s calling out to you 

He wants to save your life

He will walk with you, He will talk with you

Let Him walk with you, Let Him talk with you

Yes, He’ll walk with you and talk with you 

He’ll take you through anything this world can bring 

Go to Him and take His hand

And you can walk together and you’ll see 

That His prints are in the sand

His prints are in the sand

His prints are in the sand


 GUIDE ME (Psalm 5)

Don’t you love how scripture can set you in the right mood for your own personal worship time with God?

Give ear to me, O Lord

And consider my meditation

Harken unto the voice of my cry

For unto Thee will I pray

You are my King and my God

And my voice You shall hear in the morning

I will lift up my heart and lift up my eyes

So that You my guide me, O Lord

Guide me, Lead me

Help me to be still

Patiently, Waiting

Listening close for Your will

Lord, please give me Your will

Let me never forsake Your will

Help me always be in Your will

HAND IN HAND (Racheal’s Song)

Originally wrote this song with a video of our family through the years as a Valentine’s gift to my wife.

July, So long ago

You walked by, And what I was headed for I didn’t know

I looked into your eyes and saw you smile

As you walked away, I hadn’t felt so alive in a while

But before you turned to go, you said, “Give me a call sometime.”

And ‘til I saw you again, I couldn’t get you out of my mind


You had me walking on sunshine, dreaming of moonlight

And nights that we would spend

Planning for the future, looking for a  place

For us to make our stand

Holding on, to each other

Hand in hand

Fast forward to a crowded room

All our friends and loved ones, and suddenly I was the groom

My head was spinning, as you walked down the aisle

I didn’t know if I could make it

Until again, you flashed that smile

Then in a moment we were raising a family of our own

The strength and grace you showed with each child
Is something I had never known


As I talked with you this morning

And looked into those eyes
The years have only proved our love

I still melt when I see you smile…And I’m still

(Chorus 2x)


This song is very close to my heart, as it was written the week after learning that a former student of mine had taken his life.  I really do think that God would want us to seek Him out in good times and bad.  And I really don’t think He would be upset with us asking “where He is” in certain situations. 

A dark and empty room, nobody else around

She wants to cry herself to sleep, but she’s afraid to make a sound

The place where she should feel at ease is now her deepest fear

She screams out in her head, but no one’s there to hear

Chorus 1:

So, where are you Jesus, in the midst of all her pain

Why don’t you just reach down and come to save the day

You said you’d be with her, but she’s so scared and all alone                                                             Please wrap Your arms around her with a peace she’s never known…never known
Miles and miles away, a boy has had enough

His so-called friends are always cruel, his family life is tough

His hero left the house one day, never to return

Ridiculed and mocked at school, his fragile heart is seared and burned

Chorus 2

So, where are you Jesus, in the midst of all his pain

Why don’t you just reach down and come to save the day

You said you’d be with him, but he’s so scared and all alone

Please wrap Your arms around him with a peace he’s never known…never known

This world can be so cruel, so many lives get torn to shreds

With broken hearts and broken wills, they think they might as well be dead

Abuse, disease and hatefulness, our children’s innocence in flames

Help us turn our eyes to You and call upon Your name

Chorus 3

So, where are you Jesus, in the midst of all our pain

Why don’t you just reach down and come to save the day

You said you’d be with us, but we’re so scared and all alone

Please wrap Your arms around us with a peace we’ve never known

We need You now, Jesus, so hear our cries and hear our prayers

Touch us with Your nail-pierced hands and keep us in Your care

I know we’ve been unfaithful, but we fall upon Your grace

There’s nothing else that we can do, please come and save the day

Save the day

Save the day

Save the day


Choices, choices, choices…So many times, we know what we should do, but ignore that “still, small voice”.  

Left turn, right turn, which way do I go?

Will I make the right choice and how will I know?

You’ve given me everything I need and Your right by my side

But still I choose to sit on top of this fence that I ride

Is the straight and narrow path the road I walk everyday

Or do I tend to leave You, Lord and go my own way

Help my feet to show the prints that walk next to You

And when I start to struggle, God, please carry me through


Cause there’s no way we can ever stand

‘Til we take our foolish pride and lay it right in Your hand

Then we’ll rise up in the name of Your son

And go out to tell the world that You are the One…The One

Oh, no!  Here I go again

Instead of standing on Your promises, I stumbled into sin

How can You show Your grace to someone like me

Who acts just like a prisoner, even though he’s been freed

Just like Paul and Silas, our chains have been released

But we find ourselves alone and scared and crying out for peace

Will we finally take these bonds and throw them on the floor

Then take a hold of Satan and just show him the door


Jesus is alive and He’s living in me

He wants to live with you, so repent and believe


This song was written while doing a series on Spiritual Growth with the kids at my church…I think I may have gotten as much out of it as they did!

Step by step, I’m walking in circles

Am I going anywhere

My heart is pulled a thousand direction
Peeling me back layer by layer

But I know that Your grace is more than enough

It’s just that sometimes this life is so tough…


But I’m growing in God, climbing every mountain

With God, sailing every sea

With God, walking thru the valleys

‘Cause I know the love of God…is growing in me

I open up Your book looking for direction

To guide my steps and point the way

Your words of life speak soft and sweetly

I need to hear You day by day

‘Cause I know that Your grace is more than I need

I’ll pull aside and let You lead…Jesus, take the lead


My heart is in Your hands, put Your words on my tongue

Show me the way, O Lord

It’s here I’ll make my stand, when all is said and done

As I bow and I kneel to Your Son

(Chorus 2x)


Romans 8:37-39 is one of my favorite passages…nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord!

There’s so many hearts that lie in pieces

Tell me when will there be a time

When crying and pain will cease to hold us

And I can find a peace that’s mine

But, oh—- There is a love that’s true,

He will never forsake you

And, here in his arms we’ll stay, forever


For neither life nor death nor heighth nor depth

Could take us from his hand

He holds the present, He holds the future

On this Rock I’ll stand

When my heart and soul are shaken

And I just can’t find my way

I’ll trust His voice, what does it say

 “You are mine”

I’m here again in the dark and all alone now

Where all those voices fill my head

They’re telling me that my dreams have ended

But I’ll lean on what You said

 ‘Cause, oh, I’ve found a love that’s true

He will never forsake me

And here in His arms I’ll stay, forever


When the storms blow, the rain comes

And my dreams are washed away

That’s when my Savior carries me

And His gentle voice will say

(Chorus 2x)


Holidays aren’t happy for everyone, but with Christ, we can still find joy and peace in the midst of heartache.

Turn the page…another year

My friends and family have joy, they have cheer

But it’s not that way for me, no matter how many lights or trees
I still just cry myself to sleep tonight


So what, its Christmas time, my heart has lost its rhythm and rhyme

Don’t really need your packages and bows, don’t really care much if it snows

My soul is cryin’ for someone to be, the one who finally sets me free

From this loneliness inside…so what

It’s Christmas time

Today I had to make a stop to see a friend

His life was almost gone, his voice was thin

The cancer was too much, he gave his family one last touch

Before he closed his eyes and slipped away


I stood there in silence with all his loved ones gathered round

His little girl not more than ten, came up to me without a sound

She slipped her precious hand in mine and tears filled up my eyes

The next words that she spoke would change my life…

Girls’ Chorus:

Please sir, it’s Christmastime, God will give you rhythm and rhyme

He doesn’t wrap it in packages and bows, He loves you so much and wants you to know

His Son is who you’re crying to be the one who finally sets you free

And brings you the joy…of Christmastime

Last Chorus:

So now, it’s Christmastime, my heart has found its rhythm and rhyme

Still don’t need your packages and bows and it doesn’t really matter if it snows

My soul is no longer crying you see, cause I know the One who set me free

From my loneliness inside…so now

It’s Christmastime!

BARBIE GOT PICKED UP (By a Dumptruck) 

My boys came up with the main line of this song and got me to thinking, “What would happen if Barbie came down south and started seeing a good ole’ redneck?”  This song is the answer!

I don’t know lately what’s happenin’ to me

I met this little girl and she was cute as can be

I didn’t know her name, but she was havin’ a ball

Pickin’ up everything she could find at the mall

Well, I got to her house and it looked like a dream

She had a big pink car, you know what I mean

I was afraid my ride was goin’ to stall

But then here came that beautiful doll


Barbie got picked up, by a dump truck

At her house last Saturday night

She climbed right up with those high heels, she likes my big wheels

You know she was lookin’ so right

Well, my name ain’t Ken and I don’t live in Malibu

When I put that thing in gear and she didn’t know what to do

But Barbie got picked up, by a dump truck

At her house last Saturday night

With a spring in her step, she bopped down those stairs

Wearin’ the purtiest dress and that pony-tailed hair

 I thought to myself, “I’m just a regular Joe.”

I like to drive real fast, but I talk kinda slow

We went to a show, then got some burgers and fries

But I was still frettin ‘bout her upper class guys
Then she changed my worry to bliss

When she pulled me in tight and gave me a kiss


Now she’s wearin’ blue jeans and boots right up to her knees

She traded in all that fancy garb…for 4 on the floor…knobby tires…

And big redneck like me.


And now Barbie gets picked up in my dump truck

Every single night

She got rid of those high heels for my big wheels

And some boots that are out of sight

Well my name ain’t Ken and I don’t live in Malibu

But when I put that thing in gear she yells….woo hoo!

So Barbie gets picked up in my dump truck

At her trailor every night




I’m gonna rise up like the morning sun

And lift your praise ’til night is done

I’m gonna sing and shout and glorify your name

‘Cause you saved me and raised me, the price has been paid

Lord, how majestic is your name, how majestic is your name


When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers

The moon and the stars you have set in place

Who am I Jesus, that you would even care for me

My life is just clay in your hands

Shape me as you will


Bridge (3x’s)

Here we come to raise our hands, we lift them up to praise the Lamb

Shelter, Refuge and our Strength

Jehovah, you are God

(Chorus 2x)